25 March 2015


As promised, I did not plant tulips last fall
I still managed to feed the deer some last week.

22 March 2015

mum's the word; week of woes

Now I get why people keep their house-hunting adventures to themselves. Every other day they'd have to update you with "Just kidding, our buyer pulled out," and "Just kidding, someone already made an offer on the house we were preparing to make an offer on," and "Just kidding, we actually did find the perfect house but someone also made an offer on it about six minutes before us so we made a backup offer, but since we have no buyer for our house and we're in 2nd place it's not extraordinarily likely that we'll get it."

And when you try to drown your woes in buying furniture, the sofa you loved is gone and the table you want isn't sturdy enough to hold a square dance on and may (100% certainly) get scratched, and thus gets vetoed.

And when you try to cheer up and celebrate Norah taking her first steps, she refuses to take any further steps, except maybe for a snowcone, but then again, maybe not. She just stands there, staring you down instead of stepping. Saying, "You lose again, mom."
But not everything can be bad when the mountains are sunny and the sidewalk is covered in tic-tac-toe boards. I will not, however, keep the house-hunting updates coming. Next one may possibly say, "We moved."

17 March 2015

the back 40

You see those parties that people plan and pay for and buy matching straws for and spend seven hours decorating themed cookies for and stress over and photograph professionally and blog about? We don't do those kind of parties.

5:00 - Pick up my brother and nephew, mention the word "firepit."
5:25 - Gather supplies into a basket. Put basket in wagon.
5:30 - Nate gets home. "Has anyone started the fire yet?" No?
5:43 - Yell to neighbors over the fence and through the vine, which is fortunately bare of leaves so I can see through it to come over. Bring hot dogs!
6:00 - Neighbors arrive, children yell and chase and play in wagon, we don't have enough buns, someone else brings marshmallows.
6:12 - Mosquitoes arrive.
7:00 - Calvin gives an unrehearsed Family Home Evening thanks to the Wise Man and Foolish Man cutouts in the last Friend magazine (with the wise and foolish labels being switched, because he wanted the wise man to be wearing blue).
8:00 - It's dark, kids are retrieved from the wrong lawn and deposited to their parents, other kids get in the tub, then bed, and sleep soundlyzzzzzzzzzz.

12 March 2015

the uh huhs

Some of Calvin's talents are detecting patterns, deductive reasoning and talking. Oh the talking.

As a mother's absolute survival depends on the mindless Uh-huhs directed toward a child like that, I have learned that I must be very careful with those Uh-huhs. Otherwise not only am I agreeing with much nonsense and imagination/real life combinations, but I'm usually giving permission for root beer or inconvenient outings or promises that are impossible to keep.  One must be careful of too much mindless Uh-huhing or before you know it, the relentless young person will be counting on visiting Hawaii every three weeks to play with the kid at church who had a toy gup.

10 March 2015


We could have bought a beautiful old house two blocks away from our current house. The only reason we didn't is that it just didn't feel right. It's been called going with your gut. Our guts, we are sure, have been guided by the Holy Ghost, so while I sort of mourn that house that could have been, I'm still excited about the house to be. I am about equal parts calm/excited and worried/nervous about this whole moving extravaganza. No, actually that's wrong; it's more like 75/25 in favor of calm/excited. 80/20...97/3?! Mostly calm, mostly excited. For the win.

09 March 2015

five cavities

Dear Calvin,

But whose teeth exactly did you inherit? FIVE CAVITIES???

Love, Mom

The worst part about getting his cavities filled today, other than it being sandwiched between two house-buying/selling appointments thereby stressing me out, was the numbness. I expected him to hate it. As it turns out, he hated it so much he punched his own face and now his lips are bloody and swollen as well as numb. Cool.

06 March 2015


I feel like I've spent the whole day on the computer so far, like old times (when I had a job and worked on a computer all day; those times). Instead of working or even really accomplishing anything I've been mostly shopping. Shopping online is so lame and takes forever, but when you need a new table and chairs and sofa and high-rise jeans because your house just sold and you will need those things at your new house, you shop online. I also paid some bills and listened to a conference talk (while shopping).

Norah is supposed to be asleep, but Hawaii times messed up her nap schedule. But really, she's 19 months old so I expect her to be more adaptable than that. Come on Norah, zzzzzzzzz.

Calvin is supposed to be watching Octonauts, which he is doing.

Nate is supposed to be at work, and we are supposed to be meeting with the bank today but we're having a hard time getting ahold of Barb. (Answer your phone, Barb!)

And last but not least, we need to find a new house. At least we have something legit to fast for on fast Sunday!

05 March 2015

introverts as hosts = the best kind

They were not on their phones the whole time!
Of course not.
They were so accommodating and opened up every inch of their not large but wonderful home to us. They were thoughtful and gave us fun suggestions for outings, CAME with us on outings, told us where to eat, fed our kids, put their kids to bed early like we do, humored us by watching POIROT and let us go to bed early like we like to (partially because of the bronchitis Stephanie had, but even so).
Calvin loved having three playmates to choose from.

Nate does too. We miss them already.

04 March 2015

Things I learned in Hawaii last week

1. Stephanie is tall. After an 11-year friendship I realized she is about 6 inches taller than I am.

2. Rust abounds in Hawaii. I kept noticing it. That's what you get for having wet air. Also you get baby soft skin; mine felt great after a day and it's already bumpy again back home.

3. Hawaiian vowels = Spanish vowels (supposedly)

4. We are MFEO (aka made for each other). Petersons + Hawaii = perpetual savings account forever.

14 January 2015

remember when we'd post videos of our year?

Petersons do 2014 from Melissa Peterson on Vimeo.

I learned two things putting this video together.
1. We need to take more video if I'm going to try to put together a video-video.
2. I should probably spend at least twenty minutes learning how to make these phone videos normal size, plus learn how to put them together slightly more nicely than absolutely no effort. It just seems like the technology age is embarrassed for me.

10 November 2014

tis the season

 First comes the fall of long sleeves with shorts, sandals or rolled-up cuffs.

 The giant maple begins to shed so we can burrow under the leaves. There are so many and they are itchy and Norah hates touching them.
 After Halloween, the fall begins to cool again. It's taking the turn from summer-fall to winter-fall.
 We wear pants and jackets and beanies all the time. I consider lighting a fireplace fire. I buy a new coat and make Norah wear Calvin's handmedowns for warmth. The leaves have nearly left. There are snowflakes on our weather apps. It's dark in the mornings, but not nearly as dark as it was two weeks ago. We can't understand why everyone hates this daylight saving thing. It's nice not to wake up in the pitchest of black, isn't it?
Fall family, minus one stick wielder, running wild.

10 October 2014

we're number four


Four is Fine! Four is fun. I've been calling him four for weeks; he finally caught up.
Nice round four on the fourth in '14, family of four, four on his shirt, four of everything.

Norah's not four but she's been sick for about four weeks. She has frankly barely smiled since September. This last round of antibiotics shall bring back our bouncing baby girl, I decree.

04 September 2014

at home

I'd like to say I love our home and never want to move.
Lies, of course, but there are things and times that are perfect here.
One evening last week.
It is cool enough to have a fire at dinner time.
The perfect sunset light makes the crumbles look endearing.
Calvin is being hilarious and charming.
Norah goes to sleep.
It gets dark. 
We tell stories, especially Nate.

07 July 2014

we'll no longer memorize or rhyme

I can't believe I've given into the craze to never ever blog anymore. However, I am doing this (which I'll hopefully get better at...it seemed so easy but I'm having a hard time)--and I have way too many Shins lyrics I've wanted to use as titles over the years to completely abandon this old thing.

12 June 2014

oi (as my grandma used to say)

It is weird how I can feel like I've never seen or read these scans before, when I surely must have because they are right here on my computer. But when I came across these two houses and their brief descriptions I was floored. It's such a little thing, to remember a house, but it really is part of you while you live in it. These are just the sort of houses I pass in rural Idaho and wonder, Who woke up there in 1937? Well, it was probably my grandma or the McCulloughs or somebody like that.

 I meant to only post the photo below, with a plea to for help with chickens to my aunt (who could technically still help if I called her up) and my Grandma Stricklan (who probably couldn't really help). 

(I know, dad, you could help too, but you would just remind me how terrible it smells. Thanks.)

I simply did not have the wherewithal to get chickens this spring; my head wasn't in the game. 
Now I want them, though, and a neat little helper with really short bangs.