29 August 2015

i am doing it my genealogy

Except they don't call it genealogy anymore, do they? Maybe it's to avoid people (like me) making fun of the people who say it like GENE-ealogy (like Brittany).

Usually when  I do it I feel a little unhelpful; adding redundant sources and getting rid of duplicates in the program. I guess it's useful. But when I'm lucky, I will get a stack of black and white photos to scan and upload; obviously the best part. These are Nate's great-grandparents Ken and Hazel in the 30s...or is it Bonnie and Clyde?

21 August 2015


The other day I sent Calvin to his room for some very unwelcome behavior. It has been happening repeatedly and I don't really like it, so he stayed in his room from 4:30-------on. I think he got the picture. Meanwhile Norah was killing me by looking adorable. It's like she knew and was cashing in on my attention. Did I mention Nate was out of town that night? Just me and them. One hating me, one loving me.

Anyway, today is not the same; Nate came home for lunch and we're going out for Mexican food tonight. I finally figured out how to print to our ancient (5 year old) printer from our newfangled computer (I hated every second of that process). I canned a "test batch" of pears. Turns out I hated that process too. Also our canner is technically illegal. Should I just cut my losses and gorge on pears for a couple of weeks or try again? I'm sure I'll do another small batch so Marilla Cuthbert isn't disappointed in me.

19 August 2015

cause and craft

Calvin sometimes has scary dreams. Except that they're not dreams because they happen while he's awake. We call them scary imaginations. He claims he can't stop them, not even with a primary song. Ha! So we made dream catchers. That didn't work either! I guess we'll just have to start working on his mental strength.

13 August 2015

and then everyone started talking about school starting

And I was like, "Summer!" So I ran an overnight relay and we went to Bear Lake and the pool all in a row.

It was fun but we haven't eaten a decent meal for days and I haven't had enough staring-into-space time, so today I wanted to go nowhere and do nothing. Thus, I donned my polka-dot hammer pants. BUT there was still that decent meal thing, so I conceded a grocery trip and we even went to two different stores. After the unloading and the putting away and the lunch rush I cleaned up and then just sat downstairs in my polka pants and did some indexing during rest time. When I went upstairs after an hour the dishwasher was humming, the crock pot was braising and it was so homey. I have the hardest time choosing between going on adventures and staying snugly at home. Sort of like a Baggins maybe.

11 August 2015


She is in that adorable stage of speech where it's "hold you" and "change you." She also says "my turn" a lot, which isn't a phrase Calvin had down at that age for obvious reasons; same with adding "too" to everything. She says "Sorry!" whenever you bump into her and "down" when she wants you to pick her up and put her on something. She loves fruit and bread and sweets of every kind. She can drink from a cup but really prefers a straw (she's very dainty). She likes to get dressed, especially in pants. Oh man, when I try to get her to wear a dress without pants under it she has a hard time. "Pants on! Pants on!" Ok, ok, pants on, geez.

04 August 2015

life savers

Myrtle Clark with her boys Ralph and Gene at probably Bear Lake in the 1930s. This one's going up on the ancestor wall for sure.
Our new ward is way into family history, isn't that neat? I am, too, in case you didn't get the memo. 

We are having a family history fair for our ward party coming up, and the family history leader is this super-energetic party-oriented woman who asked me to help her papier-mache some pool noodles to make some life preservers for decor. I was like, "Sure, that's way more effort than I put into my wedding. Sounds awesome!" It was actually quite fun and it's going to look really cool. And now I am a pro at papier mache again! 5th grade skills revisited!

03 August 2015


 Pioneer Day FINALLY rolled around and Calvin was dying to hike the Wind Caves. For weeks leading up to it he would say, "Is it Pioneer Day yet? In only two weeks we can hike the wind caves!" He was so excited. And if you'd like to know why, it's because we promised him last year that we could bring zebra cakes and doritos to eat in the caves as our snack again next time; since he is an elephant he never forgets and has been counting down 364 days until his next zebra cake. Let me tell you, he earned that processed sugar he did. It's not like a killer hike for experts only, but it's pretty hard. 

1. Leave a little earlier in the morning (7:00 instead of 8:00) It takes about a half hour to get there and then it took 1 hour 20 minutes to hike to the caves. It took just over an hour down.(It is two miles each way.)
End of notes.
 I have a lot of pictures like this.
 Calvin learned with dismay what switchbacks are. Last year I don't think he grasped the concept.


01 August 2015

no better way to begin a birthday

Nine miles up my dear sweet old canyon, which now I have to drive to. I swear I thought I was smiling out of complete joy afterward:
Actually, I think I am the happiest I've ever been. 

22 July 2015

this one time

I thought it would be more interesting to write about family history than write about how I made cookies again or went to the park (again) so I started doing that. Then I stopped doing that! It required that I put in a tiny bit of work and I take my non-working mom status seriously, so I had to stop. Also, over the winter I started using nap time to run on the treadmill or take a nap. I am still a little sad I didn't stay more gung-ho about that blog. It's not dust in the wind yet or anything, but I have done something easier to maintain with my old scanned in family photos. The ancestor wall has begun! I put it in the tv room so that when you reach the boring part of the show (where they're fleshing out characters or being redundant) you can look around and see your ancestors, who happen to be watching the show too. So far so good (more ancestors coming soon to a tv room near you me).

20 July 2015

now we're cooking with gas

The kitchen in this house is a huge upgrade. The dishwasher stays put, there is a window above the sink, and a bar area for stools. Even so, there's a little bit of pearls before swine going on (swine being me) because I miss my flat cooktop for its ease of cleaning. And I keep burning things over my new gas flames. Not that I want my old kitchen back (what a joke). There may be lot of brown in there, but there is also a lot of awesome amazing kitchen in there too where I have already cooked for several large groups and died over the vast counter space.

Here is a brief memo of one thing I love about the house:
1. The Dining Room: The long table we bought this spring fits perfectly, the window is huge, the French doors go right outside to the brilliant covered patio. I can see the whole backyard and any children therein. There's no screen in the window, which may seem to some like "damage" but to me is awesome because I could (potentially) hand otter pops out it to playing children. It's bright and sunny, but even on the 100-degree days we had at first it isn't too hot if the curtains are closed until after breakfast--and on cloudy days it's nice and bright and cozy.

16 July 2015

at home

I moved to Logan all by myself 8 years ago. I felt at home pretty quickly in my little yellow brick house that I practically had to myself all summer, empty except when Britt came to visit. (She spent more time there than my supposed roommate, it seems, even though she only came up a few times.)  Last night we went to visit Britt in Midway at her parents' cabin--a place that makes everyone feel at home.

The day we looked at our house for the first time I just sort of knew we would call it home. It was a little dark, a little expensive, but I didn't notice all of the sponge painting (ALL OF THE YELLOW AND BROWN SPONGE PAINTING.) or the broken blinds or the crazy carpet downstairs (which I'm obviously used to anyway, 1941 house). Every subsequent time I came in, or even loitered outside, I felt at home. And sometimes I cried, because I am awesome. We had a bunch of gunk hold us up regarding the appraisal and the underwriting timeframe, but I just still knew we'd be home soon, except that I was a little worried I was wrong and then I'd sure feel foolish. But I actually knew that wasn't going to happen because I knew I hadn't found the house on my own, but that we had had a lot of help from the Spirit guiding us along.

I would love to show you some more of the house (Ab) but at this juncture...I can't get my iphone pictures to upload to our new pc. I will probably figure it out though, right, as a person of the technology age? I felt like the oldest fogey-est grandma at Best Buy checking out computers, though, the other night. Why can't they just leave well enough alone? Instead of being rewarded for taking good care of my technology and using it for 8 years, I am being punished by being way behind the times. It is not my favorite. Hey, technology, JUST STOP FOR A MINUTE, geez.

As I type this the kids are demonstrating one of the virtues of our house: the circular layout. Kitchen, dining room, living room all connected in a way that one (or more) can run around the rooms as if on a track. Or in this case, one can pull a littler one by the feet, dragging her in circles as if on a track.

14 July 2015

i knew that we could do it and indeed we have

We moved from there to here. I knew we could. I just knew it.

22 June 2015

you know what

- Moving is mostly waiting. It's boring. Until this weekend, of course, when it will be 102 degrees. Then it will be all action! 

- We are way under budget this month! What good news. Good job, us. Except that we are probably going to eat out 5 or 6 times this week (since I've packed up most of the kitchen and will finish that up here shortly) and moving is expensive and we also need about sixty gallons of paint for our Almond Tree House so we will probably even out by the 30th. But still, go us.

- Calvin likes that swing. I am personally a little glad we didn't put it up sooner because the grass under it is dead as doornails.

-I think because of the unfocused stress and inactivity combo this upcoming move has given me (waiting, waiting, waiting) I have become reobsessed with Gilmore Girls. Not that I ever hated it or anything, but I am on daily rations now, and it is soothing. All that rapid fire wit, it's calming like the ocean. We watched a Nick & Nora movie this weekend and they talk like that too. So soothing.

19 June 2015

golden and sneezy

I know I am going to remember this spring and summer happily as the summer of hiking.
Norah is small enough for the pack.
Calvin is big enough to hike.
We have gone out on a trail every single week since April, even through the rains. We've even gone with friends several times.
This isn't going to happen again for a while.
Next year Norah will actually probably still be technically small enough for the pack, but it won't be as fun for ME packing those pounds, and then the next year we will be trying to convince her short legs to hike, so I'm enjoying every minute of this I can.
Even when (like today) our hike ends up super short because of unforseen rivers without bridges and we are eaten by mosquitoes and Calvin drops his super special hiking reward into the river (doritos :|!) while he's trying to wash sap off his hands. Hikes like these are more exploratory than efficient. 
We're all ok with that.
Oh, but the sneezy part: (less interesting and cute)
 I am oddly allergic this year and it is driving me batty. Achoo. At least for once I'm not pregnant or nursing so I can take allergy medicine, not that it works. SO I've been wearing my glasses more and not wearing make up, making me feel extra attractive.

High Creek trail in Cove
(Mount Naomi Wilderness)
Trailhead: 7 miles up from the highway
Distance: Good question. Probably a mile, due to the washed out bridge. It is 5 miles to the lake, which is beyond our capabilities, but we were hoping to find a waterfall. Next time I'll find it.
Snacks: Atop a rock and washed away down the river.

17 June 2015

what in the seven seas

He is a kid I get. I know the reason he doesn't like to write is that his letters don't look perfect. I usually understand, if not actually support, the reasons he throws a fit. I get his jokes and why he thinks they're jokes, even if they're not. I know how he describes memories and people so I usually know what he's talking about even when everyone else is only entertained and mystified.
But there are two things about him that I seriously don't get.

1. He is really attached to our 1941 house. Like, really attached, as in last night he was weeping at the thought of leaving these walls. "These walls are my friends!" he wailed.  For nearly an hour after we sent him back to bed with assurances and hugs. I guess he didn't get the memo that this house is done doing us favors and is getting pretty needy. Onward and upward and away from here. (And although this is another story, we have hit just about every single hiccup we could with our new house, but it IS happening.)

2. He hates peanut butter
How did he even come from me?