05 October 2015


I know, for real, I do not need to worry about baby names yet, at this absurdly early stage in pregnancy, but I am panicking a little bit because I don't see how we'll ever come up with names I love as much as Calvin and Norah. The baby I'll find love for, but the name worries me. We set our standard pretty high (if I do say so myself, which I do).

Some days I only like very classic names:

But other days it's more like:

And you may have noticed there are no boys names in those lists...because there are NO BOYS NAMES in my head. I can't think of a single one. Any ideas?

01 October 2015

this just in

My favorite new thing lately is getting my groceries delivered. Our local grocer is my favorite and they will deliver all the groceries for $5, inside my kitchen. It has been saving our lives. I also feel like they're doing me a huge favor every time. You brought all this food for us! Thank you! And I usually almost cry. Today I even bought Cache Valley strawberry freezer jam because I did not put up sufficient for our needs. We were out by June. It cost $5 and you can make about four times as much for $2 worth of strawberries in June, but it was worth it.

The other thing I keep liking is posting Instagrams and then deleting them. I can't stop!

The thing I still always like is when Calvin climbs up things, pictured above.

29 September 2015

secret move #37

Yesterday, more than usual, I was mourning my inability to go running due to being sick and fatigued. I haven't exercised consistently for about 3 weeks, and missing that outside time/alone time/strengthening time bums me out bad. I was especially sick yesterday and I thought, Well, that's it. I'm not going to be able to be a cool running mom this time. I know I missed some time with Norah's pregnancy, but I didn't know how long. And then I looked at my own blog from May 2013. Voila! I was told by me that I missed six weeks of running before I got back into it. Six weeks! And I could still go! So yay, blog, and yay trying again in a couple of weeks.

I also sort of feel like I'm missing fall, but actually it's still been too hot to really be fall. And actually we had a nice picnic up Smithfield Canyon on Saturday that was very fally (except too hot).

I also went for a walk with a neighbor this morning, so at least I got outside. My neighbor said something casual and completely understandable about how long this "nice weather" will last and I went a little crazy..."I'm hating this weather!" I screamed. I am in need of some cool smoky breezes. I think she was taken a little off guard, but really agrees. It is nearly October and my AC is on full blast. Now I'm going to talk myself out of continuing to whine about the weather. Look! Calvin was walking over a creek on a log:

23 September 2015

waste of time

I remember so clearly the French teacher I had at BYU for my first two years of language classes. She was a large, blond, fuzzy-haired graduate student studying French Caribbean literature. She hated, hated, hated the crazy, insane, OCD teachers who used the overhead projector between each class (every day) who wound up the cord after every use. Ah, I laugh to think about it. She hated it so much. She thought it was such a waste of time. Every day she had to unwind it before plugging it in and it took her about seven wasted seconds. I think about it every time I wind up the vacuum cord, or sweep, straighten books, or do one of a million repetitive, almost pointless homekeeping tasks. Almost pointless, but not quite.
This morning we made applesauce with some apples from the Petersons' tree. I have done this about every year for the past at least five years, and it never turns out great because those apples aren't great applesauce apples. I don't know what kind of apples they are, but they are not applesauce apples. Making the applesauce took about two hours. The applesauce isn't very good. It's bland and doesn't mush right. It's sort of wasted time and energy--especially when energy is in such short supply these days with the first trimester and all--but still I can't admit that it was wasted time. It made Calvin practice using the peeler and having to do it just right. It made our kitchen smell nice. It used up some of the 5 gallons of apples. It was good practice. We'll still eat the sauce (probably). Maybe not the most efficient and productive morning, but nah, not wasted time.

19 September 2015

dear pal (if you are reading this, insert your name here)

I would really like you and your family to join us for dinner tonight. It is the most wonderful September day, where you believe the weather is manufactured, it's so perfect. It almost makes you sad; Anne of Green Gables can explain why. I am having a slight reprieve from nausea and so I may even cook a proper meal. I went to the grocery store, so at the very least I will dictate instructions to Nate as he chops and browns and then afterward mixes and bakes dessert. Bring a light jacket and maybe a beanie because once the sun dips the temperature also does. We don't have a firepit dug yet, so we'll just be sitting on the patio on our pew, but I'll hang some twinkle lights. We can drink Izzes. It seems like such a shame on days like today that you live so far away and make invitations like this merely hypothetical. It's rude, really. We need to take advantage of these September days while we have them. Make hay while the sun shines and whatnot. Please see what you can do about moving next door by next weekend.


17 September 2015


You have read Harry Potter, right? I have just re-read some of them and it solved my problem of trying to explain to Nate the worst part about my pregnancies: Dementors! And he totally agreed.
A Patronus
Of course I don't like being sick. Of course I would feel miserable being this sick no matter how much cheerfulness I pretended to have, but the problem I get is that there is no cheerfulness to fake. It is as if something is sucking it all away. I won't laugh at your jokes even if I get them because there is no funniness. If you are making any noise right now, especially if you are EATING--do it quieter and further away from me because there is no graciousness. There is no kindness or fun. No glee.

It is hard. It doesn't last forever. Every now and then something dispels it, but for the most part I am a difficult person, difficult for myself AND difficult for you. I have tried to positive-attitude myself out of it, which of course doesn't work, but it does prevent things from spiraling into absolute looneytown at least 75% of the time. If you have been pregnant maybe you know what I'm talking about, but also maybe not, because nothing in this realm seems to be universal. I just have to remember: someday this dementor will be a very funny two-year-old.

16 September 2015

to the mother of just one child

Before I had Norah I thought NO WAY I would like having more kids. It was just too hard and too hard and I didn't want to do it, starting over again every other year. But then I read this article from a mom with like six dozen kids and for some reason it really calmed me down; now that I read it it's not totally groundbreaking or anything but it was just what I needed to hear. Either way, when I had Norah, I was SO GLAD I did. I loved (still do) having two kids. It's easier in ways that don't make sense, like having more work to do and more people to give attention to. That is why I'm excited for three. The reasons that don't make sense.

07 September 2015

frizzy hair and dirty feet

I'm just noting for future reference the weather: It's been too hot until Saturday, yesterday and today. I'm not used to feeling nauseated when the weather is warm. It is supposed to be in the high 80s this week again. I shall pretend I'm not complaining but I will be.

05 September 2015

in which norah's face is really expressive, nate does a lot of tasks and i lie down after moving a big mirror

I should probably not have moved that mirror on my own, but I didn't break it so it really doesn't matter now. I also should probably stop cutting my own hair but it's so easy it's hard to stop. Norah should really give facial expression lessons because hers are bomb and (Calvin should stop being sassy) and Nate did all the tiny tasks today. Over here, over there, screw in that loose board, fix the broken door, maunch the dead branches, cook the dinner, fly the kite and sprint like mad to try to catch it before it flies over the church (unsuccessfully) ETC. I lay down several times because although I am not nearly as sick as I was when I was pregnant with Norah, I am apprehensive about it getting worse. I am taking it easy. By now (only seven weeks) I was a zombie last time, and I am over half human now, so maybe I don't have to worry? But I can't help but wonder does this mean it's not a girl? (I thought it was.) (But then again I thought Norah was twins.) (Shows what I know.)

29 August 2015

i am doing it my genealogy

Except they don't call it genealogy anymore, do they? Maybe it's to avoid people (like me) making fun of the people who say it like GENE-ealogy (like Brittany).

Usually when  I do it I feel a little unhelpful; adding redundant sources and getting rid of duplicates in the program. I guess it's useful. But when I'm lucky, I will get a stack of black and white photos to scan and upload; obviously the best part. These are Nate's great-grandparents Ken and Hazel in the 30s...or is it Bonnie and Clyde?

21 August 2015


The other day I sent Calvin to his room for some very unwelcome behavior. It has been happening repeatedly and I don't really like it, so he stayed in his room from 4:30-------on. I think he got the picture. Meanwhile Norah was killing me by looking adorable. It's like she knew and was cashing in on my attention. Did I mention Nate was out of town that night? Just me and them. One hating me, one loving me.

Anyway, today is not the same; Nate came home for lunch and we're going out for Mexican food tonight. I finally figured out how to print to our ancient (5 year old) printer from our newfangled computer (I hated every second of that process). I canned a "test batch" of pears. Turns out I hated that process too. Also our canner is technically illegal. Should I just cut my losses and gorge on pears for a couple of weeks or try again? I'm sure I'll do another small batch so Marilla Cuthbert isn't disappointed in me.

19 August 2015

cause and craft

Calvin sometimes has scary dreams. Except that they're not dreams because they happen while he's awake. We call them scary imaginations. He claims he can't stop them, not even with a primary song. Ha! So we made dream catchers. That didn't work either! I guess we'll just have to start working on his mental strength.

13 August 2015

and then everyone started talking about school starting

And I was like, "Summer!" So I ran an overnight relay and we went to Bear Lake and the pool all in a row.

It was fun but we haven't eaten a decent meal for days and I haven't had enough staring-into-space time, so today I wanted to go nowhere and do nothing. Thus, I donned my polka-dot hammer pants. BUT there was still that decent meal thing, so I conceded a grocery trip and we even went to two different stores. After the unloading and the putting away and the lunch rush I cleaned up and then just sat downstairs in my polka pants and did some indexing during rest time. When I went upstairs after an hour the dishwasher was humming, the crock pot was braising and it was so homey. I have the hardest time choosing between going on adventures and staying snugly at home. Sort of like a Baggins maybe.

11 August 2015


She is in that adorable stage of speech where it's "hold you" and "change you." She also says "my turn" a lot, which isn't a phrase Calvin had down at that age for obvious reasons; same with adding "too" to everything. She says "Sorry!" whenever you bump into her and "down" when she wants you to pick her up and put her on something. She loves fruit and bread and sweets of every kind. She can drink from a cup but really prefers a straw (she's very dainty). She likes to get dressed, especially in pants. Oh man, when I try to get her to wear a dress without pants under it she has a hard time. "Pants on! Pants on!" Ok, ok, pants on, geez.

04 August 2015

life savers

Myrtle Clark with her boys Ralph and Gene at probably Bear Lake in the 1930s. This one's going up on the ancestor wall for sure.
Our new ward is way into family history, isn't that neat? I am, too, in case you didn't get the memo. 

We are having a family history fair for our ward party coming up, and the family history leader is this super-energetic party-oriented woman who asked me to help her papier-mache some pool noodles to make some life preservers for decor. I was like, "Sure, that's way more effort than I put into my wedding. Sounds awesome!" It was actually quite fun and it's going to look really cool. And now I am a pro at papier mache again! 5th grade skills revisited!