14 January 2015

remember when we'd post videos of our year?

Petersons do 2014 from Melissa Peterson on Vimeo.

I learned two things putting this video together.
1. We need to take more video if I'm going to try to put together a video-video.
2. I should probably spend at least twenty minutes learning how to make these phone videos normal size, plus learn how to put them together slightly more nicely than absolutely no effort. It just seems like the technology age is embarrassed for me.

10 November 2014

tis the season

 First comes the fall of long sleeves with shorts, sandals or rolled-up cuffs.

 The giant maple begins to shed so we can burrow under the leaves. There are so many and they are itchy and Norah hates touching them.
 After Halloween, the fall begins to cool again. It's taking the turn from summer-fall to winter-fall.
 We wear pants and jackets and beanies all the time. I consider lighting a fireplace fire. I buy a new coat and make Norah wear Calvin's handmedowns for warmth. The leaves have nearly left. There are snowflakes on our weather apps. It's dark in the mornings, but not nearly as dark as it was two weeks ago. We can't understand why everyone hates this daylight saving thing. It's nice not to wake up in the pitchest of black, isn't it?
Fall family, minus one stick wielder, running wild.

10 October 2014

we're number four


Four is Fine! Four is fun. I've been calling him four for weeks; he finally caught up.
Nice round four on the fourth in '14, family of four, four on his shirt, four of everything.

Norah's not four but she's been sick for about four weeks. She has frankly barely smiled since September. This last round of antibiotics shall bring back our bouncing baby girl, I decree.

04 September 2014

at home

I'd like to say I love our home and never want to move.
Lies, of course, but there are things and times that are perfect here.
One evening last week.
It is cool enough to have a fire at dinner time.
The perfect sunset light makes the crumbles look endearing.
Calvin is being hilarious and charming.
Norah goes to sleep.
It gets dark. 
We tell stories, especially Nate.

07 July 2014

we'll no longer memorize or rhyme

I can't believe I've given into the craze to never ever blog anymore. However, I am doing this (which I'll hopefully get better at...it seemed so easy but I'm having a hard time)--and I have way too many Shins lyrics I've wanted to use as titles over the years to completely abandon this old thing.

12 June 2014

oi (as my grandma used to say)

It is weird how I can feel like I've never seen or read these scans before, when I surely must have because they are right here on my computer. But when I came across these two houses and their brief descriptions I was floored. It's such a little thing, to remember a house, but it really is part of you while you live in it. These are just the sort of houses I pass in rural Idaho and wonder, Who woke up there in 1937? Well, it was probably my grandma or the McCulloughs or somebody like that.

 I meant to only post the photo below, with a plea to for help with chickens to my aunt (who could technically still help if I called her up) and my Grandma Stricklan (who probably couldn't really help). 

(I know, dad, you could help too, but you would just remind me how terrible it smells. Thanks.)

I simply did not have the wherewithal to get chickens this spring; my head wasn't in the game. 
Now I want them, though, and a neat little helper with really short bangs. 

02 June 2014

summer letter 1

Dear 10-mile Saturday jogs,
You are just not happening this year. I thought you would; 10 by 10 (miles x months) I sort of thought, but I have four days and you are eluding me because of the extreme time you take up. I just can't, with a baby, you are too much. See you next summer maybe.

Dear Peonies,
I'm pretty sure you used to bloom for longer than a week? Did you? What do you need from me to make this work? You're supposed to be in bloom for Nate's birthday.

Dear Nate's birthday,
Hi! Welcome! Love you!

30 May 2014

the palace at 6am

There is a short story called "The Palace at 3am." Or 2am. One of the two. It's one of those phrases that just sticks in my head. Well, Norah woke up at 5:45 on our trip to Meridian, and we all felt a little iffy about that.
But their energy just never seemed to fade.
Slipping and sliding.
And a nice front door--rather unrelated to the kids, but a nice door.

27 May 2014

up in the sky

 The bright side of the Rexburg wind is KITES.
 The bright side of friends living in far-off Boise is an excuse to go there, teepees, nature walks and taxidermy and burgers and good weather and planning their wedding; seriously it may be obnoxious and so cliche that we should just stop talking about it, but Calvin + Penny please.
 The bright side of Memorial Day is picnic and Razor rides in the foothills. Calvin eats that stuff up. (That stuff = chips, which he never gets at home.)
 The bright side of coming home on Monday in time for the evening Peterson/Clark cookout is partaking in Grammy's pinecone memorial game. (See Joshua 4 for more information.) We put a pinecone in a bucket to remember everyone we could remember, with Calvin's enthusiastic assistance. 
While she was explaining the background, my mind wandered, and I wondered why people of the older generation have longer attention spans than we do.  Can I even dream of being as cool as her when I'm 85? Probably not.

21 May 2014

twelve months ago, exactly like now

We spent a lot of time outside, loving every second of the sudden perfect weather. We spent a lot of time in our lawn chairs. Calvin's hair was too long so we cut it all off. I took a picture of our tree, which had suddenly grown a bazillion leaves, where there were none just a week ago. That tree amazes me every year.

I took an identical picture this year. Maybe this one is this year's? Is it? Who can tell?
One slight difference this year:

This girl.
Have I mentioned how much I like having two kids?
She seems like she was always part of our family; I can't imagine it without her.

17 May 2014


 The Weather: 100% awesome, sunny with a high of 75, which is as everyone knows, perfect.

The house: Looking good with the sunlight coming in. New A/C has not yet been tested, but we are in windows open mode, which is as everyone knows, perfect. 

The yard: Mowed, front and back. We put a little more attention into the grass this spring (attention = humates) so hopefully it will look less dead this August.

Our appliances: All dying. Is six years the limit? Microwave: dead. Blender: dead. Dumb.
 Norah: Pretty, pretty. Eats a ton (of food, not milk). She yells when she's hungry, which is basically all the time she isn't eating. She takes two naps a day, goes to bed at 7:00, and I don't retrieve her until at least 6:00am. I don't know if she sleeps through the night because we banished her to the basement. She seems okay about it. Is scared of Uncle Andy.

Calvin: Looking old. Tantrums are on a hiatus, which is extremely fortunate for all of our well-being. He is into saving money, sweeping the driveway, golfing, wearing red, riding his bike and complaining the whole time about how hard it is, eating fruit and begging for doughnuts.

Nate: Being awesome, like usual. Reading interesting books, being the Cache HR President, teaching Gospel Doctrine, no longer scouting. Running a little. Taking bonus Saturdays with his time off. Golfing with Calvin and occasionally giving him doughnuts.

I: don't know. Just doing the stuff. Still hate wiping counters and feeding baby food. Still love running and eating. And good weather.

15 May 2014

no more i wuv yous

Last night Calv said the first LLLLLLs of his wife life!

13 May 2014

i often go walking around the gravel pit after the kids are asleep and i don't have the energy to run

To you these are skinny trees,
dry cracky brush,  a hill, clouds.
A street.
to me.

08 May 2014

the road is long but you can make it easy on me

The day started with me (figuratively) looking up boarding schools for 3-year-olds (again!), and then ended with me being slightly amused with his antics. It's a balance.

06 May 2014

a congraduation is in order

 Go Carly.
And I have to say, SUU has a cooler campus than I had thought.