19 May 2015

oh my heck/computer complaints/subject change


This computer: eye roll hashtag super stupid.

I had a great short post in my head that is completely dependent upon a picture I took at the Petersons' on Sunday. Sadly the computer is not computing photos at the moment.

New subject: I think we're actually moving. We close on our house in three weeks and on our new house in a month. Oops, that . should be a ! or two to properly express our excitement.

15 May 2015

some underlines

I was going to blog more; I've been meaning to blog more, but you see my computer is going kaput and our internet has been abnormally slow. I can't even check the bank account because it takes six years; it would be faster to just crawl to the bank and ask the teller what is going on. Uploading pictures is like torture.


I have only bought macs and we have been delaying buying a new macbook because of the cost, but then we looked at how much "other" computers cost...which I have actually never done, and it is ridiculous. I could buy six. I'm having a hard time holding back.

08 May 2015

stopping and starting are the right ways to hike with kids

I did two things to make hiking with my kids happen more and be more awesome.
1. Stopped waiting for Saturdays so Nate could come. I feel bad he misses some of our hikes, but then again, sometimes he has to golf for work or gets taken out for lunch, so...well...at least I get to hike more.
2. Started bringing a bag of candy. Every five minutes Calvin and Norah get some. I've only done this twice, but both times Calvin begged to go hiking again. Candy is the answer. (hastag DUH, seriously, I'm sure I should have thought of this earlier. I of course usually bring snacks, but actual candy, especially when it's not a usual snack, is the way to go. Two skittles will do the trick.)

07 May 2015

i already posted about this on instagram but i can't get over it

These guys can eat more Dutch babies than anyone I know. I make a full 8-serving batch and sneak a piece, and if we were nice enough to do this early enough for Nate to be home he'll try to take two--but then the rest is devoured by these wolves. I know it's not like they're eating a pound of raw hamburger or anything, but it happens at least once a week, usually twice, and apparently holds them over for several days of much less hearty eating.

06 May 2015

a small thing we did that made the kids very happy

One day last week I brought a dollar to the library.
We stopped at the implement and I let Calvin pick a root beer.
And by "a root beer" I mean a soft drink from a vending machine, like how some southern folk supposedly refer to them all as cokes.
He picked Sprite.
Norah yelled, "Juice! Too!"
They guzzled a little both before and after the library, after which I finished it off.

29 April 2015

same thing we do every day, pinky

Breakfast (dutch babies, toast, hot cereal, oats) 
Morking work (laundry on Monday & Friday, dishes, sweep, vacuum)
Reading time
Watch a show/nap (maybe run on the treadmill)
Go outside
Tic tac toe or "defense" on the driveway
Go fish on the picnic table
Play/work in the garden dirt
LUNCH (sandwiches, salad, eggs)
 Walk to the library
Walk to the park
Attempt to hike
Watch another show
Rest time (watch Gilmore Girls)
Bide our time until dad returns (usually by 5:30)

28 April 2015

post grad

 After the ceremony (which we Petersons did not watch) we went the burgers/museums/Bridal Veil Falls route. 
 Then we drove home.
Last time these two Stricklans were featured on this blog, the were headed to Australia. This time it's Paraguay. can't stop won't stop

27 April 2015

to go to sleep

First one must acknowledge the birdies. Night night birdies.
Then we may choose a new diaper and jammies, remove ponytails and head to the bathroom.
Where one must wait patiently
To get one's teeths brushed,
by so doing one's mother hopes for one to avoid 5 (cavities) by 4 (years old) like one's brother acquired.
Then one is picked up, kissed and sung to, given a puppy and a babydoll and a blankie and shushed.

22 April 2015

since the sun came out

We've been plotting and choosing and rethinking and worrying about houses. I feel really fortunate to be able to make decisions like how big/how stylish/where our new house will be, but it's still very hard.
We've been playing and losing a lot of Old Maid, Go Fish and Go Monkey. Also I found out a couple of days ago that Calvin cheats. Which is ok, since I cheat too.
We've been outside. My cheeks are red and shiny, Calvin's left cheek has that red splotchy part that means I need to remember to put sunscreen on him, and Norah's arms are no longer milky white. Nate wore a t-shirt instead of a button-down to mow the back 40 last weekend and our front tree swing has sunk pretty low to the ground.
Outside notes about this stage of kiddies: Calvin is pretty trustworthy out there; he will ask to go talk to neighbors and only goes as far as our property if I ask him to. Norah is unsteady on the grassy hills, and still scoots a little bit out there, but loves to "Go!" out. She especially loves the "WAH" wagon.

17 April 2015

roof river

Yesterday the sun came out and made rivers of the six-inch snowbanks. It did more melting in one afternoon than it did for months previously. It's still hard at it today, and the high is supposed to be 65 degrees so I'm guessing it won't have to melt so much tomorrow.

Obviously we had to go outside and listen to the creek coming out the gutters. Obviously Calvin dressed like it was July, and Norah kept grabbing small bits of snow and yelling, obviously, 'NO!

16 April 2015

"must be beautiful this time of year...all that snow"

That Tuesday wind was such a hard worker! By Tuesday night the snow came down and didn't stop until late evening yesterday. It is white and deep and heavy, and much heartier than any snow we saw all winter. We took the middle-road approach to playing in it. Snowpants: yes, sleds: no, wagons: yes, because that FACE made me.

14 April 2015

the wind in the maple

It would be hard to claim you like wind; people would roll their eyes. But maybe if you qualify it as liking the kind of wind that blows in a change they'd be satisfied, as long as you assure them that you're watching the trees shake from inside.

There were even times in Idaho* that I sat in a cozy chair with a book next to a rattling window totally content to watch spring blow in at top speed. Spring is like that, and it has to blow in lots of times before it sticks--often with rain and snow. We're almost there now, though. Maybe once more and we'll be all set. And aren't we glad the propane tank didn't explode when the grill blew over onto the patio this afternoon?

*Idaho= neverending spring wind

08 April 2015


It was supposed to rain today but the clouds have not yet opened.
On the other hand, the underside of Norah's top lip got opened by a stepladder.

06 April 2015

being awesome

One thing I missed about my blog when I didn't blog was having a place to record all the things I did that I thought were awesome. Not in a braggy way, just in a way to keep them for posterity and then maybe to brag about them just a little teeny bit later when I'm old and infirm. No really, just in a way that I can be like, Oh I liked that part of my life in 2015.

I liked running up Birch Canyon on Saturday. I only ran six miles but it was so steep! And it was cold. And it made me feel strong.
I liked it when the kids climbed all over Nate and instead of being annoying it was cute.
I liked it when I bought myself a new skirt and shirt and wore the shirt four times in a row and I'm still wearing it.
I liked it sort of when I sold our table before we had a new one, but I also bought sconces so we can finally see in that corner of the room after dark.

03 April 2015

norita bonita

 Maybe it's because I'm not much of a girly girl or maybe it's because I spent about $.85 and zero effort on Calvin's wardrobe until he was 2, but I was not excited at all about the "making her looking cute" part of having a girl when I found out Norah was a girl. I thought there is no point, my friends, in doing a child's hair if you're just staying home. I thought I would never take the time.
 And fairly true to my form, I rarely bow-ed or headbanded or dressed her up.

But then her hair grew in! And it could be ponytailed! (Ridiculously!) And pigtailed. And side ponied. I bought a huge pack of baby elastics and have been going cute crazy ever since.

Of course, this confession is hilarious to anyone who actually does their kids' hair, because it's still almost nothing at all. But since the hair-doing got serious, I've also made her some dresses and bought her a THIRD pair of shoes. (Before she even walked, you guys. AKA pointless.)
I painted her nails this week too. We are getting a little out of control.