09 February 2016

calvin the photog

I really don't wear non-maternity shirts anymore, but I thought I'd try one out today. Nope, it doesn't cover the gap.

To remember:
1. I looked at my chart last week at the doc and discovered my "due date" is four days earlier than I thought. So I am either 29 or 29.5 weeks now (big difference).

2. I think I have felt physically better for longer this pregnancy than last, but it is hard to compare because you really do forget. I don't forget that I was miserable, but the amount gets hazy. I am a little nauseated again and have lots of fun heartburn. I know I have felt mentally better. I am continuing the tradition of swearing this is the last time, though (which I have done with each of my lovely children's pregnancies).

3. My weekly jogging has become "jogging," which I guess is fine, but I am hesitant to stop altogether because I am at the point where I feel like I will never be in good shape again. I can feel my muscles deteriorating. Muscles! Come back! Oddly, my "abs" feel really sore a lot of the time. It is the ab-feeling, but they are in the wrong place (ribcage?). It is weird.

4.  This is the snowiest winter in my memory, and it kind of (very much) stinks that at the point where I usually get a little relief from outdoor time I am more indoorsy than ever. It will be fun to not be pregnant at all in the spring, but until then it is lame. So winter is harder but spring will be happier? I hope?
*Also, I must note that having to wear shoes all the time at this point is really a drag. See the post below.

5. I like to feel her move. She seems like she's taking up the whole belly, which sounds stupid because of course she is, but although she doesn't kick or punch as frequently, I think maybe she does more cartwheels.

6. We sort of have a name picked out, but I chose it so I'm not 100% sure about it. When Nate picked the other ones I was much surer. Nate likes it though!

07 February 2016

roots tech 2016

I went to a conference and felt like a grown up for a couple of days, but I had to go home early because my feet were angry that I wore shoes all day for two days in a row.

05 February 2016

bad comparison but good song

I left about 20 minutes later than I wanted to this morning so I could sweep the crumbs and empty the trash and leave no dishes there. Which made me sing, "When Joseph went to Bethlehem, I'm sure he took great care to close his shop and place his tools and leave no shavings there." My journey doesn't bear the same magnitude that his journey had, but I am currently sitting alone in a hotel room in Salt Lake, so there is some slight magnificence to my journey. I almost didn't care that I had to manually lock every door in the Sentra every single time I stopped the car, or the fact that I got my Cafe Rio salad to go and didn't get to eat it until 7:00 because of the jammed hotel room door. And then the second key that was for the wrong room. I am also excited about some of the things I learned today at Roots Tech. I wonder/hope if/that I'll be able to overcome my lack of desire to talk to people and answer my phone in order to implement them.

04 February 2016


Chocolate chips? Big ones? And nuts and cranberries? In bowl?
Said Norah.

One for you and one for me, girl, but I get seconds.

03 February 2016


This morning when I woke up, the sun was up!
I was like, "What's going on?!" Except less articulated and more gestured because I can't talk when I first wake up.
Nate said, "It's 8:00!"
Well that's crazy.

I was dreaming that Nate was grilling pork chops, which he forgot about, but they didn't burn! Mmm, pork chops.

Now the kids are playing with the slide Norah made and fighting over imaginary frogs, while I try to be alert and digest my breakfast so I can take a little stroll on the treadmill.

02 February 2016

a post like a motivational poster

 To be honest, I wish I was doing this mothering thing fifty years ago (no shock there).
But no matter the era, I want to make our home a place of 
appreciating nature
and lots of good healthy food
I want the kids to look back on their childhood and be able to say it was a good and happy time.

 Sometimes I feel like I just can't do that, even though I am THE MOM, because of my personality or because I'm lazy, my kids fight like crazy, I'm pregnant or tired or selfish or it's too cold or too hot or we don't have enough money or Nate gets home late and then I think, "Nevermind. We'll just see if we can survive."
But I need to remember that it doesn't all happen at the same time and a little effort goes a long way. It really does. Doing the dishes takes about two minutes and it helps. Playing "Race to the Treasure" with Calvin takes about eight minutes and it helps. Nine-minute-long family home evening packs a lot of prayers and scriptures into a small amount of times. Nate's hilarious bedtime stories to Calvin help. I still don't know if using my nice voice helps the kids use theirs (it doesn't seem like it), but I'll never know for sure unless I keep trying.

01 February 2016

it's february!

I made it through January. WE made it. Good job, everyone. I don't want to be a winter-hater; in fact, I would love to love every time of year. But I am, and I don't, so whilst I attempt to think of a way to change that, I'll just be glad one more month is behind us. Yay. In January I:
1. Hardly read anything! Until the last week, in which I read Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck. It made me want to camp. Also, winter always makes me want to camp, because I can't.
2. Kept running regularly.
3. Entered trimester #3.

The other members of my family built lots of forts in the living room, played with pink baby and 'ittle baby and big baby and horseys, got a new job and watched a lot of tv. And the short ones fought a lot and took excessive baths.

It's February now! In February I:
1. Am 31.5 today. Happy half birthday, me!
2. Am going to a family history conference called Roots Tech all by myself this weekend. For two whole days. It is going to be like a vacation.
3. Will try to keep running but I'm not making any promises.

The other members of my family will build forts in the living room, play with all the babies and horseys, start a new job and watch a lot of tv. And the short ones are going to stop fighting but will continue taking pointless baths.

27 January 2016

toby and sue, toby and sue

 A certain wee lass has a recurring book request:
Toby and Sue!
 (to the cadence of Winnie the Pooh)
 And when all the chubby legs have found baby bunnies and hidden puppies, she moves along to the puppy book,
Which she mainly likes for the pink stool he stands on.
"Want one, mom. Buy pink stool at the store."

26 January 2016

all these things that i've done

Good things: 
Melted down the candles I melted down a few weeks ago to put TWO wicks in. 
Made 9 cups of chicken broth
Made some yogurt that turned out pretty thick
(Picture of Norah unrelated. But she looks a lot like cousin Niko in it.)
Bad things:
Bought a bag of m&ms (I am not the mother who can hide candy for special occasions. Candy gets eaten as quickly as possible, period. I keep thinking I can rewire that part of my brain but I can not.)
Started watching season 2 of Fixer Upper (Apparently Fixer Upper is the same to my brain as candy is. I just can't stop.)
Messed up some merging and deleting people in Family Search while attempting to do some family history research. I am not really that great at it.

25 January 2016


Calvin is so into playing games. I get that; I was the same way. Always begging someone to play slap jack or go fish or sorry. Calvin has go fish and this cute "race the ogres to the treasure" game he got for Christmas, plus candyland. He is generally good about losing or winning, but he always wants to play again if he lost and totally brags if he won.

I also finally threw away our old maid cards because he was such a cheater.

In other news, I cannot keep spills from my belly any longer. It has grown to the point where it just pulls liquids to it in drips. All of my shirts now  have at least one spot of stain (today's is tomato sauce, yay).

20 January 2016

house & playing & duh mom

Not only did I bring back the bench, but I brought back the basket of toys to the living room. All of Norah's toys are in a white basket that the kids brought up for a fort last week, and being too lazy to take them downstairs again, I just left them up (tucked under the bench, just like our old living room).

And now, guess what, Norah plays with them! This house is too big and her room is too far away for her to play in there alone, I guess. I thought she just wasn't much of a solo-player, but in fact she will play happily **and clean up** in the living room. DUH MOM. Sometimes I'm really slow.

16 January 2016

it must be beautiful this time of year; all that snow

If it's going to insist on being the worst winter, at least it keeps snowing big puffy slow snowflakes.

14 January 2016

can you tell me why

Death Cab 2003: CLASSIC. So perfect for gloomy boring sad winter days when you've lost count of the number of days where you haven't gone outside at all. Yikes. I don't think we've ever had a winter when we went outside to play less. That makes me feel bad. I'm really sorry about that, kids.

"Can you tell me why you have been sooOOooo sad?"

Why yes I can: Winter, Pregnancy, Work.

I realize that two of those things, or really all three (snow melt in the spring, right?), are actually blessings I should be grateful for. I am grateful for. I promise I am, I just don't feel it today. And I miss Nate being home for dinner. (And breakfast.)

But then my mom sent us a package with fuzzy pjs for Calvin and flower pants for Norah and maternity shirts for me and I randomly bought Norah some fox socks which also came today, so that was cheerful. Let's just take this long bone-chilling dreary sunless skyless winter one happy mailbox at a time. Thanks mom!

PS Also, I am so tired of running on the treadmill. But today I was thinking. I have a treadmill! A nice one. (Which I didn't have to buy.) And I can run on it! In my state that's pretty miraculous too.
25 weeks

13 January 2016

he's probably right

Nate came in through the garage door into the kitchen with some cheerful news, to which I replied that I had rearranged the living room again. He was not surprised--who would be after all these years--and plus after some neighbors dropped by the other day we realized how much we need more seating in there but buying another sofa is just not happening right now.

So he made his way to the dining room to get a glimpse of my new arrangement, probably thinking I had relocated another chair to the room.

"You are out of control," he said.

WELL...I did bring the 11-foot long solid wood church pew in from the patio (up three steps and through the dining room)...and I did move the piano (twice)...and it's absolutely not going to work the way I set it all up...but by the time I got everything in the room I had to lie on the couch and catch my breath (for two hours) so I couldn't perfect the arrangement.

Speaking of out of control, the scratches on the camera lens on my phone are just getting ridiculous. All of my pictures look like they take place upon a misty mountaintop. But who's getting a new phone? Not I!

12 January 2016

this way no that way

I was looking through the old family photos I have to find more to print for my ancestor wall, and these two in a row cracked me up. The Webb family, circa like 1970 maybe? It is not as 70s-licious as the one below a couple of years later, so it must be during the decade transition.