25 November 2015

make it bake it roll it sugar it

 But right in the middle of the mixing and the making and the stirring and the baking
everyone got really hungry, like ravenous wolves. I stuffed the kids full of raspberries and cheese and crackers and said "NO MORE SNACKS at least until the cookies are done baking."
I have reached the point of ravenous pregnancy, but these guys have no excuse, other than the fact that their mother hasn't properly trained them to eat enough at breakfast to be full for over two hours.

PS I think Norah's getting an apron for Christmas because messy messy messy.

24 November 2015

can you guys tell me something you're thankful for?

 Calvin: I'm thankful for Bruce (grandpa's dog) and his speed and strength. Also for my style.
Norah: One, Five, Five.

23 November 2015

thankful for my job

I am glad my job is to stay home with the kids, but I mean more specifically that I'm grateful for the way Nate and I split money tasks. He earns every penny, and I spend it. NO I don't mean I shop a lot because--do we remember who I am--shopping is seriously the worst. But I do make use of what we have and figure out how to make it cover all the bases (and legs and feet and heads) awesomely.

Our first Christmas we got our Christmas tree for $15 and spent about $1.00 on paper for me to make ornaments, and I still thought we were stretching it. I am not nearly as efficient now, but I have found that by praying about everything (like stocking stuffers) and making lists and waiting on the bigger purchases (even only slightly big, like boots or a coat) we win. Of course we have been super lucky with family hand me downs and also of course Nate participates in this and is Captain Scavenger, but it is mostly my idea.

I get stressed out by it from time to time, but it is satisfying, and I'm ok at it. I like making budgets and keeping track of stuff anyway. I do always wish there was more to go around, but then again, every time there is more I wonder how I did it when there was less. Because I did it when there was basically none.

And related to this, I am like real real thankful for Nate's job. I go back and forth on who has it harder, but I think overall it's him. Even on the days where I accidentally touch the contents of Norah's diaper TWICE and spend too much time looking at house tours only to turn around and see our brown brown kitchen, I think it's him. Yay him.

The only part I need serious help on is how to keep a tall skinny boy from looking like a scarecrow. It is only going to get worse, and he will start to actually care at some point. Who knew it would be so hard?

20 November 2015

two days ago

 Wednesday wasn't going too great. I just couldn't get started. I just sat on the couch and tried to keep the kids going and bellies not too empty. (Mine especially. I have hit the dying of hunger phase of pregnancy.) And when we got to dinner time, the grill wouldn't grill. We still need to look into that (Nate...). 

But Norah said, "On Trampine!"
And Calvin said, "I'm being like Nephi!" As he helped me with a questionable gardening tactic that was messed up by the wind blowing. (Laying cardboard over grass to kill it over the winter? It's worth a shot I guess.)
They were so cute. Cuties.
 When I came inside to put the London Broil on the stovetop, I nearly stepped on Mater and Queen (but I didn't). 
And then everyone ate a TON of dinner, which I see as the best ending to a day.

19 November 2015

soooo dumb

Hot pink embroidered South American-ish wall hanging from the thrift store: $1.50 and a week of deliberation.
Ruining it by trying to rinse it in detergent to make sure it didn't have cooties: Priceless.

That was soooo dumb of me.

18 November 2015

fabulous five

Thanks for cooperating with our photos for Christmas cards, Calvin! 

16 November 2015

thankful for sundays at the petersons

We are all so happy to pile into the car after church on Sundays and head to Nate's parents' house for dinner. I am lucky to have the greatest in-laws ever. The food is always wonderful and the kids are completely occupied with either grandparent or aunt Carly and the house is at the bottom of the canyon (we had our wedding reception there it's so pretty). Lucky ducks! And I never have to do dishes! Win/win/win.

13 November 2015

thankful for muffins

I'm glad I can eat snacks whenever I want. Isn't that a blessing? It is. And these guys blew on our pumpkin muffins until they didn't burn my mouth, and I'm grateful for that too.

12 November 2015

thanksgiving month posting: thankful for

This house is not what I expected to want (I may have mentioned that before), but it sure keeps the rain off. 
It's also pretty big, so you can come stay for a while (I may have mentioned that once or twice before too).
I am still arranging and rearranging and covering beigey-tan walls, and I don't feel quite like it's ours yet, but I remember it took at least 3 years at our little 1941 house to get to that point, so I must be patient. 
I do know it's a good house and I'm glad my kids get to build forts and nests here. 

10 November 2015

thanksgiving month posting - thankful for

I'm thankful for children who are childlike. I used to get so annoyed when people talked about being childlike as a good thing-- don't they know that children are messy and loud and very very selfish? And they don't sleep at the right times? Sometimes I struggle to see past that part (a very un-childlike characteristic of mine). But the good parts of being childlike just can't be honestly replicated when you're a grown-up so you have to take the good with the less fun while you can. Children are so loving and forgiving, so proud of their accomplishments, so happy with simple joys, so willing to see past your dirty hair or tears of outrage or laziness or whatever. They are good. I am thankful that I get some of that goodness in my home; lucky me.

09 November 2015

thanksgiving month posting - thankful for

I am thankful Nate was a perfectly 90s looking freckle-faced big toothy little old chap. While we were looking through some baby pictures of his a couple weeks ago, we realized Norah looks just like him! (With my hair. Poor wee lass.) Won't she be the cutest 2020s girl when she gets big teeth like that?

I am thankful for Nate and what a catch he is. I like too many things about him to list them, but it is really great to have a friend and partner and lots of love for someone so tall. 

05 November 2015

turn a corner

I am a champion at making definitive statements before they are true, but I think I've gotten through the worst of the first-trimester ailments. Yay! It's good timing, too, since now I am in my second trimester. It is sort of that changing season all around here anyway. The weather has turned, daylight savings has allowed me to wake up rested, I am running again and cooking actual food for dinner. I want to rearrange and renovate the kitchen and rip up floors. It is nice to care about things again.

I feel like the kids have recently turned a corner in their relationship, too. They are sort of friends. They play together sometimes anyway, even if their games are seeing who yells loudest or throws the most crayons. They laugh together about it. It's pretty cool.
(And obviously, here is Halloween.)

04 November 2015

we did do halloween

I don't have a photo to prove it although Nathan has several great ones on his phone, being held captive. Halloween was awesome actually! Saturdays are sometimes annoying to me because I want to chill and relax and yet if I don't "get anything done" I get really antsy and bored. I am a wonderful easy person to live with. But Halloween Saturday was wonderful because the weather was so good nothing bad could happen. That is a true cause and effect. After chilling all morning, I ran three miles. I made Norah's wolf vest. Nate got the oil changed. Norah napped (which has not been as taken for granted lately). Then we trick or treated and came home early and Nate and I watched a show. Perfect, like the weather.

Since there is no picture in this post I will instead post a random list of thoughts in my brain because I can do that on my blog:
1. I read Julie/Julia this week because I bought it at the thrift store in Smithfield for 50 cents. I didn't find it to be worth the 50 cents.
2. I have taken the children to the thrift store twice this week and once last week, and we are going to go back today to get something I've decided to get (if it's still there). It is a hot pink woven wall hanging, in case you were feeling some suspense.
3. Calvin told me he thinks he may need some new pajamas since all of his pants besides his new birthday ones go up to here (mid calf). I thought that was a fair assessment so we are going to try out the pajama outlet this morning.
4. I have an index card length list of things to purchase. Mostly boring things that most people would just BUY, but I have a hard time just buying things. I like to make it difficult by looking around a lot to find the cheapest and best and most vintage and least inconvenient (ironic, I know) way to purchase things--but I can't justify going the direct route because my way always always almost always gets me exactly what I want for usually nearly free. It just takes time. (Norah needs a bed and a dresser and some globes and Calvin needs some bedding and sheets and I want some curtains and a lamp and a watch...etc.)

03 November 2015

cold colder coldest

 I love it when a month does what it should. November has been right on the ball, turning cold and brrrry. 
 The incredibly scratched camera lens on my phone has been the perfect filter for these glorious yellow-golden walks over the last few days. Nate brought me a camera to borrow, however, and I am going to try to use it. Then these pictures will get all crisp and balanced. Just you wait.
The wind blew today and temps are dropping like lead. Or leaves, which are leaving quickly because of the wind. Our next few walks may not be golden, and unless my phone keeps teasing me, they may even be white (ish).

30 October 2015

some things she often says

One of Norah's first multi-part-of-speech sentences is this: "This one goes right there." It is very frequently said. (Sorting is big around here.)

Some of her funniest confused-order sentences are these: "Blanket no on Norah." "Norah way back home." "One minute two weeks right back." "One, two, five." (When pretending to read.)

Some cute short ones are, "So messy, mom." "Yes, mom." "Push me, Calvin." "Go that way." "More outside, tramp-ine." "Watch me!" "Read book." "Norah do it." "Up here," which means help me climb. Lots of, "So cuuuute," and "So nice," and too much of "Mom too siiiiiick."